Setting up exclude list for SharePoint in NetBackup Agent for SharePoint.

Hello Guys,

There are times when you want to exclude certain objects from the backup. Say one of the Application Services is failing the backup and you want to get past the error and let the other objects backup successfully until the issue is resolved.
Then adding the failing object in to the exclude list is a viable option. For the SharePoint Objects we need to keep on thing in mind that the object to be excluded must be added from the server on which that objects exists.

For Example – Consider that you have  a SharePoint farm with following servers (1 Application Server – APP), (1 Frontend Server – FE), (1 Index Server – IS) and (1 SQL Backend Server – BE).
So now if you want to exclude the indexes from being backed up then you must do that on the Index Server -IS. This can be easily done by opening the BAR GUI for Backup on the required server and then browsing to the particular object.
When on that object, Right Click on this and select “Add to Exclude List”.
This would add the desired object on the exclude list and will not be backed up. This behavior is such because, the bpbkar.exe would run on the server containing the SharePoint Objects and it would honor the exclude list for the particular server on which it is running.

There is a good tech note by Symantec demonstrating this


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